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Some Handling Methods for Winches' Common Faults (First part)

  1. Main causes and treatment methods of winch drum:

1.1. The main reason for the noise of winch drum

(1) the cylinder shell bolts are loose.

(2) excessive clearance between shell and wheel (flange).

(3) crack of drum shell.

(4) weld shell welding.

(5) the fixed screw of the travelling roller and liner is loose, causing a relative slip between the travelling drum and the bushing.

(6) the clearance between the liner and spindle is too large.

(7) the worm wheel screw clutch is loose.

1.2. Processing method

According to the inspection situation, determine the treatment method. For loose nuts and bolts, it can be fixed at the time of the delivery of the shift. If the noise is not serious, it can reduce the winch load properly, observe the observation, and maintain the repair when the specified production is discontinued; If the noise is serious, stop repair or replace immediately, lest the accident should expand.

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