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Some Troubleshooting Methods Of Single Beam Crane Circuit (Second Part)

Some Troubleshooting Methods of Single Beam Crane Circuit (Second Part)

1. Electric applicances fall off when mechanism is running

Cause and solution: the slide line should be corrected for its deformation would causes electric applicance drop. The fixed bolt of collector should be lossened and the bolt should be fastened.

2. Premature Wear of Cable

Cause and solution: improper installation position of cable clamp will result in friction of adjacent cables, so the cable clip position should be readjusted. Too loose rope will force cable, so wire rope cable force and tension should be appropriate to trailer.

3. Stuck or inhomogeneous cable trolley

Cause and solution: track of trochlear is not straight and joint is misplaced, should be corrected. Fixed pin of trochlear falls off and the pin should be replaced. Relaxation of vibration fastening bolts will cause askew trochlear track or misplaced joint, the bolts should be fastened to correct the track.

4. Cable

Cause and solution: cable should be tightened and tightened when loose. Cable should be replaced when spiral.

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