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Performance of Tire Gantry Crane

Varied in the types of crane, the trpe type gantry crane (rubber tyred gantry crane, RTGC)  is a relatively common equipment which usually used on road.

Generally the gantry crane we use is the lifting weight of its legs, which can be done on four sides if on relatively flat ground.The tire type gantry crane (the RTGC) is suitable for relatively fixed construction sites, especially for narrow places.

Below are performance points of the trpe type gantry crane:

1. The driving speed is lower than car type but higher than track type, turning radius is small and cross-country performance is good, the upslope ability reaches 17% even to 20%.

2. Generally use legs to lifting heavy loads. Legs cannot use in flat ground, but use with four sides, also can be suspended and slow walking.

3. Good stability performance.

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