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The Difference Between Bridge Crane and Electric Hoist

Difference between bridge crane and electric hoist:

1. From the name "bridge crane", it is like a bridge runs on the track of high altitude crane sorghum across two sides. It is called single sorghum if the bridge has one sorghum, or called double sorghum if has two.

2. The electric hoist (crane) is one kind of hoisting machinery. It is a kind of machine for circulate and intermittent movement. Its working cycle includes: lift the fetching device from one place to pick up the articles then moves horizontally to designated place to drop the articles. Then carry out reverse motion, so the fetching device will return to the original place doing next cycle.


3. Difference between the two machine is the work level difference and speed difference. The general bridge crane has high work level and fast speed. For electric hoist double beam crane, the speed of each mechanism is slower than that of the general bridge crane.

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