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Some Handling Methods For Winches' Common Faults (Third Part)

Causes and methods of noise and vibration during the operation of winch reducer.

3.1. The main reasons for the noise and vibration of the reducer

(1) the gear meshing is too tight or too loose

(2) the clearance of the bearing is too large, which is generally expressed as the loud noise during the empty load, and the noise is small when the loading is lifted

(3) the reducer or bearing bolts are loose

(4) reducing the foreign body in the reducer

3.2. Processing method

(1) adjust the gear meshing clearance to the appropriate position. If the wear is serious, the gear should be replaced

(2) repair or replace loose bearings

(3) pay attention to loose bolts

(4) if any foreign matter falls into the reducer, it should be suspended immediately and troubleshooting

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