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Some Handling Methods For Winches' Common Faults (Second Part)

Damage, cause and treatment of the steel wire rope in the roller of the hoist.

1.1. The damage of the wire rope in the winch drum

(1) Speed up the wear of the wire rope. Clutter in the roller winding, wire rope traction force rope regularly in the mixed and disorderly rope and extrude pressure inside, causing serious wear and tear, causing increased diameter of mill and wire rope broken wires, shorten the service life of wire rope.

(2) Cause the wire rope to slide out of the roller. Wire rope arrangement is not neat, inevitably produce pile-up phenomenon, damage the rope protection board, when the pile-up height more than roller edge height, easy to slip out of the drum, wire rope light person broken wires, the person that weigh is broken car.

1.2. The main reason for the irregularity of wire rope on winch drum

(1) improper arrangement of winch, namely, raising the Angle of wire rope does not meet the requirements.

(2) the winch wheel (guide wheel) is short of oil and can not be slid as the rope is wound around the drum.

(3) the winch arrangement fails or has been removed.

(4) improper operation and winding.

1.3. Processing method

According to different conditions, treatment of the disease. If the installation quality and the failure of the line equipment are invalid, the request shall be promptly reported to the request for treatment, which shall be handled or maintained improperly, and shall be carefully handled and maintained in accordance with the provisions; The slant lane winch is especially careful to remove obstacles in the way to prevent the tightening of the wire rope when the weight is placed.

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