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Safety Precautions (First Part)

1. Hoisting wire rope:

1.1. When wire rope is allowed to pull, should select safety factor according to different uses.

1.2. The connection strength of steel wire rope shall not less than 80% of the breaking force; while the rope card connection should be in accordance with the diameter of wire rope with rope card specifications, and quantity of steel wire rope clamp plate should be in the first long side. Using knotted connection, the knitting length not less than 15 times of the rope diameter, also should not less than 300mm.

1.3. Reduce the load when the wire rope is worn and broken. Replace qualified wire rope in time when broken rope reached scrap standard.

1.4. According to weight and length of component lifting point and reasonable production sling, the sling's horizontal angle should between 45~60 degrees, and no less than 30 degrees.

1.5. Sling (iron pole) design should have sufficient strength and rigidity, according to the component weight, shape, hanging point and lifting method to determine, should make reasonable component lifting sling force uniform.

1.6. We should use good hook, prohibited using welding steel hook, should be scrapped when height worn of the hook lanyard section over 10%.

1.7. The trochlear should be selected according to the wire rope diameter and work type. The ratio of trochlear diameter to wire rope diameter should not less than 15.

2. Jack:

2.1. The bottom should be flat. Also, the bottom and top should be added to the board.

2.2. Prohibited overload. The lift height shall not exceed the piston mark line or 3/4 of the total piston height.

2.3. The sleepers should be used in time with the rise of components during lifting. The jack or oil should prevent piston from sudden drop.

2.4. Use same type when plurality of jacks are used together and keep synchronization of each. Lifting capacity of each jack should not less than 1.2 times of the calculated bear capacity.

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