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Selection of Single Girder Crane Inverters

Traditional cranes are far from being able to meet the current high frequency production needs. They have many failures, lack of security and maintenance, also delay in production schedule. These are not desirable for users. So single beam crane with high performance and ultra safe frequency conversion is gradually accepted by the users. It not only reduces the maintenance cost, but also makes a comprehensive upgrade in safety. What about  single beam crane in the use of frequency converter?

The frequency converter can be divided into two kinds: one is the general type frequency converter, the other is the vector type frequency converter. General frequency converters are relatively cheap, and some crane manufacturers use general-purpose converters in order to save cost. But the universal frequency converter is not suitable for use in hoisting machinery. The characteristic of general type frequency conversion is constant power, and the characteristic of VVVF is constant torque. Maybe you still don't know what the two differences are. Here are some examples.

The main girder of a single beam crane is of a certain arch, high in the middle and low at both ends. If a common frequency converter is used, the wheel will skid when the car runs slowly to the middle of the main beam, and it may even cause the car to slide down. Because the universal frequency converter is constant power, but not constant torque, in receiving certain resistance, it will appear to drive powerless.  At this time, only by rapid passing through the past, can not meet certain conditions, at the same time increase the risk.

The torque of the VVVF is invariable. A uniform and smooth operation can be guaranteed under any slope. This is the typical difference between a VVVF and a universal frequency converter. Some users may also find that the same is the single beam crane with variable frequency configuration, but the price difference is very large. So in the selection of accessories should be more understanding, and more.

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