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Some Troubleshooting Methods of Single Beam Crane Circuit (First Part)

Some Troubleshooting Methods of Single Beam Crane Circuit:

1. Sparks on large spark line

Cause and solution: the slip line is in bad contact with collector, contact surface between slide line and collector should be adjusted. When the sliding line has crater, dust, rust and uneven place, clean the dust and rust, use steel wire brush to correct crater and uneven place.

2. Disconnect of collector lead

Cause and solution: fixed screw is lossen, should replace the lead and fasten screw. Lead wire is not straightened and twisted, should be rearranged and torque should be removed.

3. Disconnection of trolley lead line

Cause and solution: because of single stand of hard line and its broken, should be changed to the same cross section of multiple floppy. The lead length is too short to be broken after vibration, should be increased properly.

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