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Safety Precautions (Second Part)

1. The inverted chain (hand hoist):

1.1. Empty load check before using and slowly load check should be pulled after hanging heavy objects.

1.2. The direction of zipper should consistent with sprocket and pulling speed should be uniform. Find reason when pull is not moved; prohibit increasing number of strong pull.

1.3. Hand should be tied to the big chain of the chain sprocket when lifting stop time is longer.

2. Hand hoist.

2.1. The wire rope hoist should use steel wire rope with no kink or joint.

2.2. Prohibit operate with lengthen handle.

2.3. Load capacity of hoist must be reduced to 1/3 of rated load and self lock clamp device should be added when hand hoist be used as manned basket.

3. Grinding part.

3.1. Grinding mill should be firmly connected to ground anchor. Lifting wire rope must not less than 4 circles on the drum after load is not inclined and suspended. A professional worker should tighten up the drum's back rope head when working.

3.2. The grinder must be equipped with brakes. The brake is locked with brake and screw driver must not leave when grinder temporarily stops turning.
3.3. Lifting rope must be controlled by reverse direction of the push bar when relaxing. Strictly forbidden method of pulling rear tail rope.

4. Bury the ground anchorage.

4.1. Determine ground anchor according to experience and design. The buried ground must not be soaked by water.

4.2. Choose solid wood such as Larch and fir to be wooden floor anchor. Strictly prohibit using crisp or rotten wood. Oil should be painted before burying, steel pipe and angle steel should be protected at the binding of the wire rope.

4.3. Test pulls to confirm before using important anchors or old anchors. Using surface iron pressing to increases safety factor.

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