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Introduction Of Micro Electric Hoist With Single Hook

Since it is close to human life, Mini / Micro Electric Hoist has a comprehensive description, not only a simple model. JCYC has several types, each has different speed, height, motor power and lifting weight.


Generally speaking, the design of mini/micro electric hoist (or say calabash) is ingenious and easy to use. The hook has two state designs: dynamic loading and static loading. When the limit baffle touches the limiter, the hoist will stop operation automatically. When the wire rope is raised in reverse direction, the hoist motor will stop working automatically.


It is better to read the instructions carefully before using a mini/micro electric hoist. The hoists should only be operated by specially trained people with a thorough knowledge of the safety rules and regulations. When the machine is idling, make sure it is out of the reach of children. If the machine is unable to hoist a load, please check the load weight, and do not continue pressing the hoisting button, for the load is exceeds the machine’s maximum capacity.


Also, we need pay attention to some aspects to avoid danger or harm.

, Overload is strictly forbidden.

, No manned.

, No drinking.

,Underneath standing or moving is forbidden during working.

,No disassemble arbitrarily.


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