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Main Technical Parameters Of Bridge Cranes (Second Part)

1. Power Continuity.

Heavy degree of its work is expressed by rate of JC% due to intermittent work to bridge crane. Electricity continuity rate is ratio of working time to periodic time. Generally a cycle is defined as 10 min. and usually 15%, 25%, 40%, 60% four kinds of standards.

2. Work Types.

Three most important parameters of bridge crane are lifting weight, running speed and working type. Bridge crane can be divided into four grades according to load rate and busy degree as light level, intermediate, heavy and severe grade.

2.1. Light grade: low working speed, less using time, less chanse of full load and 15% rate. Suit for places without tension and heavy work. For example,  installation and maintenance in hydropower station or power plant.

2.2. Intermediate grade:  often works under different load with medium speed. Not too heavy work and 25% electricity continuous rate. For example, use in general machine shop and assembly workshop.

2.3. Heavy grade: often work under heavy load, heavy work. 40% electricity continuity rate, suit for metallurgical and casting workshop.

2.4. Severe grade: often lifting rated load, busy work. 60% continuous electricity rate. For example, special metallurgy crane.


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