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How To Reduce Chain Rigging's Wear Degree

Chain rigging, which is mainly linked by metal chain rings. Its wear degree will become more and more serious with the increase of service life and frequent times. So it will be scrapped after wearing to a certain extent period.

How to reduce the wear degree? Below are a few tips to help you enjoy a safe and long life chain rigging.

1. Tightness of the chain should be suitable, not too loose or too tight. Power consumption will be easily increased when too tight and bearing easy wear. But the chain will easy to jump when too loose.

2. The new chain can not be used in the old chain, so as not to break the chain in use.

3. The lubricating oil should be properly injected to improve the working efficiency and reduce the degree of wear.

4. The length of the chain should be adjusted according to the lifting height of the lifting weight, and the use of overloading should not be allowed.

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