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Common Senses of Electric Hoist Lubrication

Explosion-proof electric calabash is one of the most frequent equipment in lifting industry, which plays a great role in the heavy industry all over the world.

Explosion-proof electric hoist is the latest hoisting equipment, has explosion protection standard design. Its flameproof is explosion-proof form, with safe and reliable explosion-proof performance, the ground exposed explosion-proof components adopt special sparkles material.

To ensure normal use of the equipment and reduce occurence of accidents, should take care of the explosion-proof electric calabash after using. So what common sense of lubrication should we pay attention?

1. Inject the lifting speed reducer from self-filling hole with 50# mechanical oil. Better do lubrication by every 6 months.

2. Inject the gear reducer from self-filling hold with 50# mechanical oil. Better do lubrication by every 6 months.

3. Lubricate wire rope and drum by surface with wire rope grease oil. Better do lubrication per week.

4. Use calcium base lubrication oil to lubricate lifting hook pulley bearing / wheel  and better do lubrication every 6 months.

5. Use calcium sodium base grease to lubricate lifting and running motor and better do every 6 months.


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