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How to Choosing Speed of Electric Hoists

Many people think that using frequency converter is the best way to adjust the speed of electric hoist, but some electric hoists not suit to frequency converters. Here is a brief introduction, speed regulation methods are different according to different electric hoists.

1, Frequency converter is the most ideal variable method, which can achieve stepless speed regulation, and also has high control accuracy. It can be operated remotely, easy to use and maintain. But it is important to note that using a conical motor electric hoist the general use of inverter, because all inverter starts when the need to speed up the time, when accelerating voltage is slowly rising, the moment can not make shift conical rotor brake release, easy to cause the inverter overload protection.

2, the motor rotor resistance speed control, its advantages are simple structure, low price, the quality of general, its shortcomings are the speed change is relatively large, unstable.

3, through the hydraulic push rod speed regulation, you can get a relatively stable speed, but its speed is low, the middle speed is very soft, and when used, part of the electric hoist mechanical parts must be rebuilt.

4, by means of dynamic braking speed regulation, the characteristic is that the speed gear can be adjusted, and the energy saving is high, and the use is safe and reliable. The drawback is that we can't grasp the low speed.

Daily use of electric hoist, electric hoist speed call directly affects the efficiency of engineering machinery production, JCYC reminded you to select a suitable method according to the speed of electric hoist.

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