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Differences Between Tyre Crane And Truck Crane

Differences between tyre crane and truck crane:

  1. Tire type crane:

1.1. It is a moving arm revolving crane with a tire chassis. Tyre crane hoisting mechanism is the installation of rotary crane composition in heavy-duty tire and wheel special chassis, its superstructure is basically the same as crawler crane. The crane is provided with four telescopic supporting legs to ensure body stability during installation.

1.2. Small weight hoisting and hanging objects can be used at low speed on flat ground without supporting legs. It is made up of two parts of cars. The car is lifting work part which has a moving arm, a lifting mechanism, a variable amplitude mechanism, a balance weight, a turntable, a supporting and walking part, etc. It is connected by a rotary support which between upper and off. The leg should be lowered when lifting weight, support surface should be increased and fuselage should be levered to ensure stability of crane.

2. Truck crane:

2.1. It is a crane mounted on common chassis or special vehicle chassis.

2.2. Separately set up driving cab and lifting control room. The advantage is good mobility and rapid transfer.

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