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The Differences Between Bridge Crane And Beam Crane

Differences between bridge crane and beam crane.

1. The bridge crane is like a bridge runs on the track of high altitude crane sorghum across two sides. It is called single sorghum if the bridge has one sorghum, or called double sorghum if has two.

2. The beam (girder) crane mainly includes single girder bridge crane and double girder bridge crane. The main girder of single girder bridge crane is mainly combined with I-shaped steel, steel or steel plate. The hoist trolley usually is assembled by hand hoist, electric hoist or hoist (winch) as a lifting mechanism component.

3. Has bridge support type and suspension type two kinds. The former bridge crane runs along the rail of the crane beam. The later runs along the crane track which under the roof of factory building.

4. Working speed of the movable single beam bridge type crane is low and weight is small, but its own quality is small and easy to organize and produce with low cost.

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