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Factors affect electric hoist and troubleshoot methods

Improper operation or maintenance which not reaches designated position will lead electric hoist to failure during using. Usually this case happens after electricity commissioning. Machine couldn't start properly or can't meet requirements of sliding distance. Sometimes causes high temperature motor or makes noise.

1. When motor does not turn.

1.1. Check load, whether it is beyond machine capacity.

1.2. Check circuit, whether it is connected properly.

1.3. Check sliding distance and wear parts, maybe the internal spring pressure is too small.

1.4. Check oil, whether it is enough.


When motor temperature is too high.

1. Check load, whether it is overload.

2. Check use times, maybe it is too frequent.

3. Timely check power supply when motor has abnormal noise.

Whatever failure occurs, check every parts and troubleshooting all failures, finally continue normal use.  Welcome visit www.jcyccranes.com and contact us for more news.


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