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Why Electric Hoist Can’t Start or Work? ( First Part )

Why Electric Hoist Can’t Start or Work? ( First Part )

If hoist suddenly can’t start or work, please read JCYC’s suggestions as below:

1. Use a tester pen to check power supply system.

2. Check control box, main control loop, line connection and control button. Hoist will not start or work if they are damaged or bad or short-circuit. Experts are needed in these circumstances, check and analysis work conditions, electrical lines and other parts, then do maintenance.

3. Check voltage.

When terminal voltage is too lower than rated voltage (for example, 10%), the motor torque will become small then hoist can’t afford the goods.

Use multimeter, volometer, voltmeter or other tools to check input voltage. If voltage is too low, please wait until the system voltage return to normal, then use hoist. Also, hoist will not work if cross sectional area of the external power line is too small. In this case, please change suitable line with enough cross sectional area.       


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