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Why choose an air chain hoist / pneumatic hoist? ( First Part )

Some people may wonder why we should choose an air chain hoist, or say pneumatic chain hoist. JCYC will answer this question clearly in two parts.

Air chain hoist (pneumatic hoist) is the most optimum lifting device in the world. It has been widely used in industrially developed countries for it takes the following advantages over motor hoists:

1, the air / pneumatic hoist cannot generates electric spark, so it completely solves the anti-explosive problem.

Explosion-proof grade: Ⅰ Hazardous area, Including ⅡC, Group T5 and below.

2, the pneumatic hoist has the 100% work system, so as to make the required conditions for high-efficient continuous jobs.

3, the pneumatic hoist sees a fast operating speed which is 2-3 times more than the motor hoist, and the former can presents the non polar variable speed.

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