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What should care about when using a winch?

If abnormal problem occurs during use process of small winch, must do emergency brake to avoid unnecessary accidents. Let JCYC show you what should pay attention when using.

Check quality of lubrication oil in gas motor regularly during use of winch. Release immediately when know it has been spoiled or mixed with water, this inspection should be done once a week. Regularly add lubricating oil to motor. Regular inspection and timely replenishment or lubricating oil in oil mist (check and replenish each class). Regularly check and release condensate in water filter (each class should be checked and excreted once). Grease gear part and grease on a regular basis (every 500h should be added).

Timely observe sealing of small winch air system. Repair or replace parts in time if there has leakage. Stop and check immediately during operation of pneumatic winch. Repair in time if there is an obvious leakage phenomenon at the joint surface of head cover and the joint surface of the shell and distribution valve.

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