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How to deal with factors which influence crane

A number of factors can influence crane.

As the relay with mechanical contacts, must aggressive ensure overcurrent relay character and installation quality to prevent operation process of European crane from frequent parking bumps. Limiting clearance equipment in crane can accurate prevent above problem. This kind of limit is a method to making wear accelerated, forming the most prominent equipment damage and showing that parts of temperature elevation, smooth oil deterioration.

Therefore, how to deal with it?

Work in clean environment. Use appropriate smooth quality produce and reduce impurities. Implement overall defense of crane to prevent impurities. Quickly repair if obstacles thrown to prevent serious problem.

The crane is still a controlled chaos equipment, but also be affect by external factors in operation process which also contains some impurities. The focus of crane is limiting performance which completed after hit lever press down to travel switch roller. But damaged phenomenon may form due to unfair installation which will make no hit feet press to the switch method.

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