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Three Details Which Can Save Maintenance And Repair Costs Of Crane (Second Part)

After several tests and consulting some experienced experts in crane industry, JCYC find that there has three details which can save maintenance and repair costs.To benefit our crane users, today JCYC shares related content of this aspect to everyone.

1. The second detail: oil use problem.

Most cranes use hydraulic oil, lubricants, fuel oil and other oil materials. The use of cranes will inevitably require a lot of cost in oil. Factors that increase fuel consumption should be reduced as far as possible if crane oil consumption problem is taken into account. It is believed that reducing maintenance and repair costs will be achieved in appropriate oil using.

2. The third detail: maintenance.

Lots of people and agencies only repair after the crane equipment is collapsed. This result in repairing or maintenance of collapsed mechanism every once in a while. Also increases the cost of equipment maintenance. Therefore, in order to prolong the period of "collapse" or "fix", operators and users should pay attention to timely manner to improve, adjust, repair and solving every nuance of small problems immediately.

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