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Differences between single beam bridge crane and double beam bridge crane ( First Part )

Differences between single beam bridge cranes and double beam bridge cranes ( First Part )

There have some differences between single beam ( girder ) bridge cranes and double beam ( girder ) bridge cranes.

1. Different Production Cost:

Single-beam ( girder ) bridge cranes are short on span and consume less construction material, so its cost is lower. But double-beam ( girder ) cranes have bigger span and consume more, also technical content is higher, so production cost is more higher than single-beam bridge crane.

2. Different Structure:

Generally speaking, single beam ( girder ) bridge crane has relatively simple construction and light own weight. It is also relatively simple in installation, tear and daily maintenance. But for double beam ( girder ) bridge crane, its construction is relatively complicated and own weight is big, also relatively complicated in installation, tear and daily maintenance.

3. Different Operation Modes:


In operation modes, the single-girder ( beam ) bridge crane is generally operated on ground, can control via handle and remote two ways. But double girder ( beam ) bridge crane require workers to do control.

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