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Some Points About Slings Material Inspection (Second Part)

Slings and container market demand have rapid development in recent year and will produce explosive growth in the next few years.


To choose good quality slings, JCYC remind you some points about slings material inspection.


1. Shackle, ring, chain and connector: should be in accordance with appropriate standards. During application testing of notched impact, the temperature and minimum average impact work or steel product is 42 joules. But just take a part and put it in the center slot of fusion line to test its welding. The welding position is etched with reagents before cutting the grooves. The minimum average impact work of welding is 27 joules. Electroplating can only be completed under control of component manufacturer.


2. Other small components such as rings and sleeves should also provide EN 10204 standard material certificates and testing reports.

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