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Requirements Of Safely Operating Electric Single Girder Cranes (Second Part)

Some Requirements Of Electric Single Girder Cranes' Safely Operation (Second Part)

In order to reduce possibility of safety accidents during operation of electric single beam (girder) crane, we should know some safety technology requirements.


1. Carefully check fastness of sling before hoisting, add padding to corners and ensure weight stability.

2. Prohibit perform inspection and maintenance work on the upper and lower part during operation. Strictly forbidden to cross the top and bottom when working. Do not suspend load off or hanging object in the air for a long time.

3. Operator should be familiar with all kinds of the most basic routine safety operation skills. Such as stable hook operations, object turning operation, hook approximation personnel operation and brake failure emergency operation, etc.

4. When lifting and hanging objects or dangerous goods which close to full load, should check brake before lifting. The lifting pf 150 -200 mm for static braking if reliable, then rose to 500 mm from ground for landing dynamic system, confirm braking and lifting performance is reliable and stable.

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