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Reminders of Installing Hoists

When install hoist, JCYC appreciate your attention on below notes:

1. Install chain box before installation.


2. Connect power cord.

Cut off the power and well grounded the ground wire before connecting power line, or may cause electric shock or accident.


3. Check and lubricate chain regularly.

It is an important factor in ensuring effective service life and operation efficiency.


4. Check chains’ arrangement.

For multi row chain hoist, be sure the lower hook is not turned over. If it is reversed, return into normal condition and ensure that the welding ports of the chain are arranged in line. Never load on a twisted chain.


5. Check operate voltage

Check wiring and confirm whether the supply voltage is meet user’s specified voltage. If not, please refer to instruction manual for correction to meet the required working voltage.


Warm Tips: Wrong voltage may cause serious damage to hoist, so please ensure the wiring meets needs of required power when install hoist.

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