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Profile of Single Beam (Girder) Hanging Crane / Single-beam (Girder) Hoisted Crane

A single beam / girder hanging crane (single-beam / girder hoisted crane) is a crane that hangs a crossbeam on the walking track (I-steel) of a building. It is also a crane that can operate freely under a single beam. Its setting and span of walking track can be set freely, mostly suitable for the production line and so on.

The full name of hanging crane is "the flexible light weight combined suspension crane". It belongs to light and small lifting equipment. There are two types of hanging cranes: single beam and double beam. The main advantages include: weight can upto 2,000 kg, light installation, safety, etc.

A flexible light weight composite beam suspension crane is a perfect choice in order to not affect operation when the working area is not allowed to have any supporting structure. The crane system needs a roof structure which can withstands load of enough strength and safety to support the crane. Users can install a number of main beams on one set of fixed rail, this greatly improves production efficiency.

It is a steel structure with 75-2,000kg lifting capacity and its total length of main beam can reach 10 meters. The transport force of closed rail design is one one-third compare with traditional beam type crane. The truss type rail design made span greater and installation layout more flexible.

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