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Part Specifications of Electric Hoist

The JCYC High-quality hoist is featured with advanced technology design and compact structure which offers excellent performance.  The components inside the hoist are made of high grade materials which ensures safe, stable and highly-efficient operation, also saves investment, increases profit and lowers cost.

Parts Specifications:

Body Structure:

Adopts mould stamping or bending steel plate to reduce the use of welding parts, increases the quality and prolongs service life of the hoist bearing parts.

Hoisting Gear Motor:

Three-in-one system which originally imported from Germany, it is integrated by pole-changing professional hoisting motor,  electromagnetic disk type brake and high rotating-speed and hard tooth surface reducer. It ensures the best safety grade and silence of the hoist mechanism.

Travelling System:

Three-in-one international brand system which is integrated by frequency-conversion running professional motor, electromagnetic disk type brake and hard tooth surface reducer. It ensures the silence and best positioning accuracy of running mechanism.

Quick Electrical Connector:
Achieves quick, correct, safe and reliable assembly on the site.

Handle Switch:

The range is about 100m in radius especially for cranes, provides strong anti signal disturbance capacity. 2,000pcs switch can be operated within the same range and time in theory.

It is professionally designed to achieve safe and stable lifting by changing its motor to frequency-conversion motor.

Electric Control Gear:

Adopts Schneider and brand electrical components, featured of reasonable wiring, convenient maintenance, multiple control protection and safe operation.

Worm Adjusting Limit Switch:

Adopts customized imported four-level limit stopper to achieve functions of "slow speed first then brake of two dimension running", ensures safety and reliable operation.

Overload Limiter:
Customized overload limiter with high sensitivity, can make output or overloading limit upon customers' need.

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