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Requirements Of Safely Operating Electric Single Girder Cranes (First Part)

Some Requirements Of Electric Single Girder Cranes' Safely Operation (First Part)

In order to reduce possibility of safety accidents during operation of electric single beam (girder) crane, we should know some safety technology requirements.

1. Should check safety devices and main parts of crane before work and confirm flexible and reliable use.

2. Must follow the command conductor signal to operate and ring the bell before driving. Stop urgently when seeing danger signal. Operator has right to not drive when command signal is not clear or incorrect.

3. Must use handle switch to control. Prohibited use limit position limiter to stop, also strictly forbidden move at the same time.

4. No anti-vehicle can be used for braking and controller cannot be changed from positive to reverse. Except special cases.

5. Lifting weight shall not exceed the rated load and strictly prohibit all overload lifting.

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