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Major parts of the hoist (Second Part)

As one of the small lifting equipment, electric hoist has a motor, reducer and wire rope reel or chain, some has trolley. Hoists can form a complete crane in company with single-beam bridge or gantry crane. It is small, light, easy to use and simple to operate, widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, warehouses and other places. JCYC remind you some major parts of hoist as below:

1. Lifting motor

Lifting motor adopts a conical rotor motor with large starting torque to meets frequent direct startup during product’s intermittent operation. CD1 is equipped with ZD single speed motor, MD1 is equipped with ZD2 double speed motor, with constant speed and slow speed ratio of 10:1.


2. Reducer

The 0.25t reducer is a straight toothed planetary transmission structure, adopts three reduction gear of helical gear like other reducers. Gear and shafts are made of alloy structure steel or high quality carbon steel, also properly treated to ensure reliability and life. The box body and case are made of cast iron. So the utility model has good shock absorption and reliable sealing.

3. Reel/Drum Device

The drums are made of cast iron or seamless steel tubes and use splines to transmit power. Spool housing is welded with steel plates.

Drum device is a central part of hoist, connect operation mechanism through the balance beam, the two ends of hoisting reducer and motor are connected by wire rope and hook device, stopper rod device installed above the cover.


4. Hook Device

Made of steel, thrust ball bearing connects with shell through hook cross beam to make the hook operate freely. Hook devices 5t use single sliding wheel and 10t use double sliding wheels.


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