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Major Parts of the Hoist (First Part)

As one of the small lifting equipment, electric hoist has a motor, reducer and wire rope reel or chain, some has trolley. Hoists can form a complete crane in company with single-beam bridge or gantry crane. It is small, light, easy to use and simple to operate, widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, warehouses and other places. JCYC remind you some major parts of hoist as below:


1. Operating Mechanism / Running Mechanism

Electric car, running motor, reducer and driven car together form a operating mechanism/running mechanism, reciprocate moving as suspension of hoist. Running speed usually is 20m/min or 30m/min. Add a driven car when lift more than 12m and 1-5t.


2. Electrical Equipment

CD1/MD1’s electrical equipment is consists of a control box (0.25t doesn’t have), a button switch, a limiter and a connection wire.
Generally, the operate voltage of button switch is 380V or 360V.

Press the correct button; you can control the hoist through opening and closing the control box and electric relay, according to the direction and symbols.


3. Lifting Structure/Device

It comprises main part of hoist. Reducer hollow shaft drives the roller to rotate through couple and lifting motor, so that wire rope’s hook on the drum will drive device up and down.

When lifting height is 6m, use a claw shaft coupling to connect the reducer’s motor shaft and input shaft. When height is 9m, add a rigid coupling in intermediate shaft. To support and strengthen rigidity of the intermediate shaft and ensure smooth rotation, the height can’t less than 18m.


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