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Light Duty Suspension KBK Crane for Production Line

Product Description:

Light Duty Suspension KBK Crane for Production Line

Brief Introduction:
KBK series light duty crane is a lifting equipment which widely used in production line with intense space. Light weight, compact structure, robust stiffness and strength, it can work together with various chain hoist to form a complete system. The system takes full advantages of limited space by improving work efficiency and further bringing up greater production capacity.

Advantages and Features:

1. Diversified rail track application such as monorail formed straight, curved, cross through, steering wheel, etc

2. Multiple choices for comprehensive solution.

3. Adapts to flexible single beam, flexible single girder, flexible double beam, flexible double girder, flexible wall mounted JIB, monorail suspension, etc.

4. Modular designed philosophy.

5. Compact structure, light deadweight and excellent performance.

6. Considerably increased work space.

7. Hugely lowered down energy consumption.

General Application
1. Automobile production line.
2. Transportation line.
3. Logistic hub transporting.
4. Machinery finishing workshop.

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