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Some Improvement Design of Double Girder / Beam Bridge Crane ( First Part )

Some Improvement Design of Double Girder Bridge Crane ( First Part )

The box twin ( double ) beam ( girder ) bridge crane has two box beams ( girders ) and two transverse end beams ( girders ). It can operate crane trolley on bridge, also can lift and handle various kinds of objects.

It is suitable for machining and assembling workshop, warehouse and material yard, etc. The box double beam structure has advantages like little machine parts, good technology and general use, convenient installation and overhaul, so it is widely adopted in production.

The form is mainly used in Chinese 5 - 80 t ( tons ) medium and small weight cranes. But it also has disadvantages like self-importance and easy down warping.

The original box double beam ( girder ) bridge crane can be improved according to users' requirements.

For example:

1. Improvement of Car Driving Mechanism:

The original car lifting mechanism of double beam ( girder ) crane is respectively driven by two motor double hook lifting. During using, the two hooks are not synchronized, cause problems such as object tilt, shaking. So it cannot be used to balance hoisting operation. 

The improved design adopts single-motor centralized driving mode. Its two hooks are driven by the same motor which realizes ideal lifting effect. Meanwhile, it reduces height of whole machine, simplifies structure, saves space and reduces cost.

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