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Some Improvement Design of Double Girder ( Beam ) Bridge Crane ( Second Part )

Some Improvement Design of Double Beam ( Girder ) Bridge Crane ( Second Part )

JCYC original box double beam ( girder ) bridge crane can be improved according to users' requirements. For example:

1. Improvement of Crane Height:

Generally, the use of crane is restricted by plant site. Its allowable height is calculated by height and slope of plant sites. The original car is improved according to its height. The design height of similar products is about 1,800 mm at present. But the height of workshop crane is about 1,570 mm, and the height of car must be limited.

The improved design is mainly to improve height of beam and institution in order to reduce the cart beam and car beam height. The institution has been optimized to makes its compact reasonable and useful, also convenient maintenance.

2. Improvement of Car Operation Mechanism:

The operation mechanism of double beam ( girder ) bridge crane is driven by four motors. The more motors, the more complicated mechanism.

The improved design adopts dual motors drive two active wheels and passive wheels. It streamlines organization, reduces failure rate without affects walking performance. Also, it is easy to install and maintenance, also effectively reduces cost.

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