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How to maintain and repair Single beam electric hoist crane

Single beam electric hoist crane is one kind of very popular lifting equipment. High efficiency and simple operation, it is helpful in goods' fast and convenient transfer. But for any kind of equipment, it is need maintenance and repair. So how to do maintenance and repair on single beam electric hoist crane?

Overload is prohibited and we must pay special attention not to overload the noise of equipment. As long as normal working time is 75%, it prevents machine from working overtime.

Pay attention to inspection of sealing machine, especially pay always attention during whole process of operation.

Check machine lubrication oil, hydraulic oil and coolant. Take corresponding measures to stop leakage quickly once occurs.

Regular inspection and maintenance to prolongs service life and ensures normal use. It is very important to adjusting loose parts to avoid potential accidents. Maintenance means quality, ensures normal use and creates more value.

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