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How to Improve the Life of Single Beam Crane

The original single-beam (girder) crane has been used for a long time by many users, then the performance is far behind new crane. The initial purchase of crane is subject to technical level and various losses, so a single beam crane is also a more expensive equipment for common user. Purchase new cranes and directly eliminate old ones may be a small expense to crane users. But if not update, the old crane cannot fully meet needs and users may likely be transcended by other competitors.  How to do about it?

For this old single-girder crane, commonly design is larger structure and big weight, with relatively simple and complex electrical transmission control system. That is to say, its general structure design is more conservative, the carrying capacity of main girder also won't have any change after decades of using. But the control system is often out of order and more likely to be impacted. Therefore, it is possible to improve crane performance firstly from the control system and replace it with modern control mode. For example, increase frequency conversion system, PLC system and so on.


Some really have used for a long time and the service life is close to the limit, then also can consider to degrade or change some parts. For example, bridge crane can use European cars to replace traditional vehicles. The weight of European cars is light more than 50% of traditional ones. Usually the lifting part of European car is double speed design, hoisting falling process small impact to its structure. It reduces structure weight without reducing load. Also extend crane service life under equal disguised demote condition.

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