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Guidelines for Operating Hoist

JCYC appreciate your attention on below guidelines before using a hoist.


First of all, check and clear the whole hoist to make it is correct and good.


Then, pay attention to every process of actual operation, strictly require hoist’s quality and control operator’s training to ensure everything has no danger or going wrong.


Also, operators should remember below rules.


1. Check before and after every using daily.
2. No parking by the limiter. No adjusting brakes or maintenance inspections in the lift.


3. Using hoist with small height and short distance to lifting goods on minimum height, if the goods’ weight is close to or reaches the rated load. No passing above people to avoid accidents.


4. The safety ring of wire ropes must retain above 3 circles when no fall in limiter, hook and lowest working position.


5. No modification to the hoist.

6. Stop and check when abnormal noise or fault has, do not work until trouble has solved.


Warm tips from JCYC: Safety and Prevention First. Please read above rules and take professional check and test before using the hoist.

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