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Features of components inside Electric Hoist

Below are features of components inside Electric Hoists.


1. Steel wire rope:

Adopt GB1102-74 (6*37+1) X type hoisting steel wire rope to ensure durability.

2. Reducer:

Adopts three stage fixed axis helical gear rotation mechanism, gear and shaft is processed by heat treatment alloy steel. Box body and cover uses excellent cast iron, with tight assemble and good seal. Also, it is convenient to load and unload.


3. Control Box:

Reliable and long service life. It can cut off main circuit and protect fire arrestor in emergency to ensure hoist’s safe operation.


4. Motor:

Adopts larger starting torque, conical rotor brake asynchronous motor without additional brake.


5. Switch Button:

Simple operate, has string manipulation and wireless remote control two methods.


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