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Why Electric Hoist Can’t Start or Work? ( Second Part )

Why Electric Hoist Can’t Start or Work? ( Second Part )

If hoist suddenly can’t start or work, please read JCYC’s suggestions as below:
1. When voltage, power and other parts is good and normal, but hoist don’t work, please consider other reasons, for example, check motor.

When motor burned, poor maintenance, brake wheel and cover rust, hoists can’t work. Need repaired or replaced, like remove the brake wheel, clean and retest, etc.

2. Check load weight.

Overload is strictly forbidden. Hoist can’t lifting, lifting motor can’t run with unusual noises, even damaged when overloading. Overload also causes accidents easily.

In this case, immediately shut down power, reduce load, let the hoist work in rated load condition.

To avoid overload accident, should install overload limiter. It will alarm when weight reached 95% of the rated load, and automatically cut off the power supply when reach 105%.

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