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Three Details Which Can Save Maintenance And Repair Costs Of Crane (First Part)

Crane is one kind of special mechanical equipment. To ensure its performance in normal standard, it needs to be repaired or maintained frequently. But for unit and individual users, the maintenance and repair cost of crane can be a great expense.

After several tests and consulting some experienced experts in crane industry, JCYC find that there has three details which can save maintenance and repair costs.

To benefit our crane users, JCYC mainly share related content of this aspect to everyone.

1. The first detail: determination of crane maintenance cycle. The cycles of equipment maintenance can be long or short. Some unit or individual users may not fully trust crane factory data or not care about crane manual. New equipment may also rushed to maintenance soon if completely ignored specific work conditions of equipment. To be exact, operation conditions of each part and different length of trip can be used as basis of judging crane's curing period.

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