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Comparison of (Ring) Chain Electric Hoist & Wire Rope Electric Hoist

Hoist has many kinds, normally divided into chain electric hoist and wire rope electric hoist. JCYC remind you some differences between these two types.

Hoist has two speed, single speed and double speed, frequency conversion start and double speed conversion start is easy and practical. Lifting capacity is generally 0.5-80tons, with lifting height of 3-120 meters.

The biggest difference between (ring) chain electric hoist and wire rope electric hoist is that the former uses a chain instead of a steel wire rope. Compare with wire rope electric hoist, (ring) chain electric hoist is much lighter and flexible. Ring chain electric hoist is composed of electric motor, drive mechanism and chain wheel. It is suitable to lifting goods from 125KG to 5tons.


According to hoisting mode, chain hoist can be divided into three parts: right suspension, reverse lifting and stage lifting. For electric chain hoist has too many large chains, its speed is slower. Generally, electric wire rope hoist is more suitable for large and heavy tonnage goods, also widely used in daily life which meets its speed.


Electric chain hoists also not suitable for higher place for chain may be worn and scuffed if lifting speed is too faster. Electric wire rope will be recommended to use in this case. As steel wire rope is made from many ropes, it is not so easy to worn or scuffed like chain. Also, the wire rope has higher safety than chain for wire rope will not hung down directly even it broken.

Different working condition need different hoist, welcome contact JCYC to gain more information about hoists, thanks.


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