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Some Common Sense You May not Know About Micro Electric Hoist

With the widely opening and increasing of living standard, Mini/Micro electric hoists expanded in daily market. It solves a lot of difficulties in daily lifting. Some friends may have questions on it, so JCYC writes some points as below, hope these are useful for you and appreciate your comments.


1, Heating

It is a normal phenomenon, not quality problem. The motor generates heat during running, no matter how rigorous tensile testing had passed before delivery. To ensure and extend service life, please do not use continually, better take an enough rest according to working condition.

2. Wire rope winding.

Adjust the parallelism.

If the hoist is fixed when there is a slope, or fixed when there is a slope but hanging things at the same time. In this case, the goods will be unloaded, but the wire rope may be twisted on the side of the reel when it is rolled. Please adjust the parallelism. Better add a board when install the hoist, then the hoist will be more stable and avoid twist.


3. May hoist be used in decoration or hanging things at home?

Sure. Mini/Micro electric hoist is convenience to use in family, small supermarkets and places. It is compact and efficient, also adapt to residential voltage and wide weight range (100-1000KG), meets common needs of daily use.


For more information, welcome contacts us on www.jcyccranes.com , thanks.


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