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Specific Factors Which Affect Price of Electric Hoists (First Part)

Specific Factors Which Affect Price of Electric Hoists (First Part):

Electric hoist in one of the most basic lifting equipment, also widely used in daily industry. It was cheap and useful. However, its price on market has become more and more unstable in recent years.

To make people more aware of electric hoist market, today JCYC talk about factors which lead to its price rise.

1. The rise of material cost. Price of electric hoist materials rising along with continuous rise of steel prices in international market. Resulting in increasing prices of electric hoists.

2. The continuous upgrade of produce equipment. New products and technology emerge in an endless stream with development of science and technology. JCYC continues improving our own strength in upgrading, devotes great efforts in new products' development and production. Thus increases production and inputs costs.

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