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5t European Design Wire Rope Electric Hoist

Product Description

5t European Design Wire Rope Electric Hoist


Product Details:
High-quality hoist with advanced technology design and compact structure which offers excellent performance. It ensures safe, stable and highly-efficient operation, saves investment, increases profit and lowers cost. Minimized lift-hook deflection, dual speeds for hoisting (frequency conversion optional), the crane trolleys are all equipped with standard frequency conversion configuration, and the hoist also provides carious protection


Parts Specification

☆Hook Block:
Forged high-strength alloy steel hook with standard configuration safety by special mold and adopts high-strength special slippery rope to reduce the damage and lighten the self-weight.

Wire Rope:

Adopts high-strength wire rope with Zinc surface-plating, it has high breaking force and good flexibility (2160N/mm2)


Customized processing high-quality steel drum  prolongs the life of wire rope.

☆ Rope Guide:

Made of special high-strength Nylon which effectively avoids the wear of wire rope and prolongs the service lift of steel wire rope. Also it is characteristic of high reliability and easy maintenance.

☆ Wheel Block:

It adopts module design which is convenient in maintain and change. The wheel and loaded shaft use high quality Alloy steel to forge, process and heat-treat bearings with high service life and reliability.


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