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3ton Crane Motor End Truck Used on Single Beam

Basic Info
  • Model NO.: DGTC-2.5-180

  • Power: 0.4kw

  • Span: 7.5-11.5m

  • Transport Package: Plywood Cases

  • Color: Yellow,Red,Blue

  • Wheel Dia.: 180mm

  • Origin: China

Product Description
3ton crane motor end truck used on single beam

1. Respective dollies in the system are independently driven.
2. A structure composed of track, side track for horizontal movement, turnplate, and other sections, to form a 3D network for material conveyance.
3. Multiple control mechanism, able for centrlized control, scattered control, or distributed control measures, and the dollies are able to perforn fullautomatic operations according to the set program.
4. Random material supply system for random applications for random complication of characteristic address code of service possitios though dollies, for them to directly resch the stations where vehicles are requested for material supply.
5. Sorting and distributing system for carrying dollies to set address reading stations on the ground according to the charateristic address codes carried by different types of carried cargos, able to acheive automatic sorting and distributing operations and so on.
  TypeLength(m)   Power(kw)Output gear   Gear Dia. (Φ )mmspan  Capacity
  DGTC-1.5-150  1.5  0.4   M3  150<7.5m  1T,2T
  DGTC-2.0-150  2.0  0.4  M3  1507.5-11.5m  1T,2T
  DGTC-2.5-180  2.5  0.4  M3  18012-13.5m  1T,2T
  DGTC-3.0-180  3.0  0.4  M3  18014-16.5m  1T,2T
  DGTC-3.5-200 3.5  0.4  M3  20017-22.5m  1T,2T
  DGTC-2.0-1802.0  0.4  M3  180<7.5m  3T
  DGTC-2.5-180  2.5  0.4  M3  1807.5-11.5m  3T
  DGTC-3.0-200  3.0  0.75  M3  20012-16.5m  3T
  DGTC-3.5-250  3.5  0.75  M3  25017-22.5m  3T,5T
  DGTC-2.0-200 2.0  0.75  M3  200<7.5m   5T
  DGTC-2.5-200  2.5  0.75  M3  2007.5-11.5m   5T
  DGTC-3.0-200  3.0  0.75  M3  20012-16.5m   5T

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