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Compact And Powerful Crane Geared Motor

Compact And Powerful Crane Geared Motor

Compact and Powerful Crane Geared Motor, suitable for various cranes

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Product Details

Product Name:

Compact and Powerful Crane Geared Motor 

Features and advantages:

1. Plastic casing and ABS die-casting forming.

2. High insulation with good mechanical robustness and glossiness.

3. Silver Contact point, large capacity, good conductivity and long service life.

4. Obvious bearing indication and difficult to wear.

5. Single hand can hold, also easy and convenient operation.

6. High duty performance, long lifetime and easy maintenance.

More Features:

Features of Components


Obvious bearing indication, difficult to wear, single hand can hold, easy and convenient operation.

Wire Access

Nylon cable and water-proof contact to prevent falling off.

Button Core

Silver contact point with good conductivity, large capacity and long using life.

Connection strap

The connection strap on the button core is oxygen-free copper.

Terminal Blocks

Enveloped by copper wire to prevent connection series and electrical short.

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